Organization of forwarding in China and by sea to the Far East special containers and RoRo type vessels of Sandvik mining equipment. Sandvik underground trucks, loaders, and rigs are designed to excavate safely, efficiently and cost-effectively in the harshest conditions.

Sandvik TH320 underground mining truck
Dimensions: 9500*2630*2460 mm
Weight: 24400 kg

Sandvik LH307 Underground LHD
Dimensions: 9400*2320*2310 mm
Weight: 20,000 kg

Sandvik DL2720 Top Hammer Longhole Drill
Dimensions: 9000*2000*2900 mm
Weight: 16600 kg

Sandvik LH203 Underground LHD
Dimensions: 7000*1700*1900 mm
Weight: 13000 kg

Sandvik TH315 Underground Dump Truck
Dimensions: 8000*2300*2400 mm
Weight: 18500 kg